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Continuing our founder's vision, Prairie unveils plans for our latest adventure.

At the 2020 State of the School address, Dr. Nat Coffman announced Prairie's plans for a brand-new, 12,500 square foot Early School building.

The new facility will allow Prairie to meet a steadily increasing demand from parents who want their child to experience the benefits of a play-based, best practices curriculum in a setting that is both beautiful and functional. Simply put, the new ES building will be a place where kids can have ample room to play and run, create, learn, and socialize.

The impact of the new building will be felt campus-wide, as every division – Primary, Middle, and Upper – will gain access to new and existing spaces currently occupied by the Early School.

番茄社区成人appGene Johnson relished the chance to dream about adventure while marveling at mankind’s capacity to learn and explore. Perhaps no place on our campus is filled with more wide-eyed curiosity, more adventurous play and eager learning, than our Early School.

This is Prairie's next great adventure. Join us as we grow...

番茄社区成人appBigger, Better, Together.

Construction crews will break ground on the new building in June 2020. Check back regularly for news about our progress! Questions can be directed to Aliya Pitts, Chief Advancement Officer, at 262-752-2520.