Engaging students and families in uncertain times.

番茄社区成人appThe spread of COVID-19 has presented schools all across the country with an unprecedented challenge. And while the global pandemic has dramatically altered our daily lives, it has also proven our resolve while strengthening the very tenets upon which Prairie is built, things like creativity, collaboration, exploration, and curiosity. Amidst chaos, our educators have brought calm, continuing to offer daily digital lessons to keep our students learning, engaged, and connected.

, Head of School, often says, ‘It’s the people who make Prairie, Prairie.’

Boy is he right.

番茄社区成人appWe are thankful to all of our parents for entrusting us with their child’s education.  We value and appreciate that trust, and now, more than ever, we will continue striving to live up to it by providing our students with an inspiring, nurturing, and highly individualized educational experience even in these trying times.

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This post was originally published on March 20th, 2020.